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Coastguard Café is a local independent business, a friendly place for hikers, dog walkers, locals, and visitors to Fairlight and the Fire Hills.

                             The owner, Stephen Baker, is a member of the local community.

                             "I live here, and it is important to me that we provide a great service to all."

We have several principles underpinning the business which we believe are important to our customers:

Community: We aim to support the local community by employing local people especially local young people including students from East Sussex Coast College.

Environment: We use low carbon footprint products, minimal packaging and aim to waste as little as possible.

Staff:  Staff are mostly local. Our Executive Chef is both highly experienced and respected. His menus bring amazing quality to our weekend lunchtime offer.

Products: We use local suppliers for all meat, fish, cake, bread and green-grocery.

Quality: Our aim and focus is to provide high quality in all our offerings.

Service: There is only one standard as far as I am concerned and that’s great.

Please be tolerant of any faults in the early days as we find our feet and anything that you feel we should improve on, we welcome your feedback wherever possible.


Steve Baker



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